• First meeting / introduction to our services
  • Support with funding applications
  • Coming up with and developing a marketing plan
  • Developing promo and press materials
  • Help with release and distribution


  • Concert booking
  • Tour planning
  • Tour accompaniment (documentation, driving, merch)
  • Event management
For event organizers
  • Help finding artists
  • Awareness counseling
  • Workshops


Intro meeting

In your first meeting, you have the possibility to get to know us better and to tell us your wishes and visions. Together we can see which of our offerings are interesting for you and how we can support you. The first meeting lasts for around an hour and is free of charge.

Support with funding applications

Writing funding applications can be annoying and confusing. We’ll happily support you with this process and help you to write it yourselves. Costs will be determined together, according to the labor invested.

Release and distribution counseling

The recordings, mixes, and masters are ready to go. What now? Where should the records be pressed? When should the release concert be, and how the heck do you get your music on Spotify? Together we can plan your single / EP / album release in every department, both analog and digital, so that your release will be as well-rounded as possible and can reach your target audience.

Event Management

You want to organize a concert and need some help? Get in touch with us! The more concrete your ideas and requests are, the better we can help you out. This offering depends on both our capacities and whether it makes sense for the bands from our roster to take part in your event.

Costs will be arranged during our meetings.