FAUCHKRAMPF! is invested in the visibility of queer people, especially women, non-binary, trans, inter, and agender musicians, and in helping them to execute their artistic goals and projects.

We network, share skills and experiences, help with applications, and strengthen connections within our community.

DIY? Let’s do it together!

FAUCHKRAMPF! helps you forge your own path. It’s our wish to help you develop your own ideas and strategies, in order for you and your music to be heard. It’s also our goal to demystify the music business, as well as music scenes.

We believe that every single one of us is capable of learning all that’s necessary / all that we wish to learn, whether it be musical instruments, booking, workshops, writing articles, or putting together fanzines. Therefore transparency is our first priority, in every stage of support and collaboration. We want to provide insight into every field of business and actively pass on knowledge to the musicians in our community.

FAUCHKRAMPF! is nonconformist! We work according to inspiration, not guidelines. Not all empowering music is Riot Grrrl; some musicians have found their place in queercore, metal, or hip-hop. Others can’t be categorized. We’re open to all forms of music. This is how we contribute to a fluid scene.

We can find out whether we’re a good fit as we get to know each other in conversation.

We look forward to hearing from you and hearing your ideas! Most important for us is that your music is non-commercial. If you already have a label that helps you with your work, and if you’re able to live from your music, then perhaps you can support us!

Taking Up Space!

We take the space that we deserve and help you to do the same! If you need support in realizing and bringing your music projects to the public, let us know. Let’s take back the stages!

We love music! Every one of us has our own connection, our own modes of expression, and our own approaches to music. For some of us music is entertainment, for some it’s about reducing stress, and for others it’s an existential form of expression.

For us music is a life elixir and passion! We love vinyls, tapes, zines, drums, electric guitars, and raging melodies. Not just musicians, but also workshop organizers, instructors, and skill sharers are at home with us.

Queer people and women/inter/NB/agender/trans musicians are near and dear to our hearts!

Write to us, email us, talk to us – and become a part of FAUCHKRAMPF!

Because the structures in the music business, even in DIY contexts, are often so macho and set in stone, we created an alternative in 2020 when we founded our label.

Since then, we are constantly working on growing our network, advising artists, searching for funding programs, creating our own merch, and connecting musicians, artists, workshop leaders, etc. with each other.

Our range of offerings is diverse and can adapt according to your needs and also of course our own capacities. If we can’t provide something ourselves, we are happy to put bands in contact with other people or collectives, who can help them in the areas they’re looking for. We can help you write band bios and press texts, help you with album promotion, help you find gigs and locations to play on tour. If you have questions about applying for funding for your band, we are here for you.

Our services are available to queer people, women, non-binary, trans, inter, and agender people!

We understand feminism as queer-feminism and TERFS are NOT WELCOME here! We have an intersectional approach and are committed to critically reflecting on all hierarchies and power structures. We position ourselves staunchly against all forms of fascism, racism, and antisemitism.

Musically located between ten years of punk rock band and Taylor Swift posters on the door, Jakob (er/they) boots from Potsdam everything that Joy sparks and also takes care of all other small and big matters that concern you. But you can also make plans for your new record together with him. Jakob is also happy to share his experience with you regarding digital distribution (Spotify, Youtube & co.), as well as all the digital platforms bands are using.


Charlie (er/they) is a vocalist, non-binary artist and since 2012 on tour in Europe as booker, promoter, driver and mercher for punk bands. As part of the FAUCHKRAMPF! family he can do the booking for you, shoot your band photos and accompany you on tour as photographer, manager, driver or mercher. You can also ask Charlie for screaming workshops or for advice and support regarding awareness at your events.


Angi (she/her) lives and has studied popular music & media and music science. She helps you with booking, band management, as driver & mercher on tour and every other orginazational stuff you got.